“To be nobody-but-yourself—in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else—means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight.” 

~ E.E. Cummings~

Person Centered 

I see you as the expert of your lived experience and recognize that collaboration, curiosity, and empowerment build foundations for trust and growth. 


As children, we know how to be authentic. We were playful, curious and instinctive. As we grow, relationships, trauma, societal rules and values, impact and change our self-expression. Some choose a shield of surly aloofness that tells the world, "I don't NEED anyone." In others the longing for connection is motivated by the question "Who do I need to be to be loved?" 

Relational Therapy

The therapeutic relationship offers a unique opportunity to examine relationship dynamics in a safe environment. By exploring the dynamics that occur in the present moment, clients learn to recognize emotional and behavioral patterns in their interpersonal relationships. The therapy space encourages clients to assess values and beliefs and explore the meaning that drives the patterned responses. I offer a safe place to “try on” different responses, and give voice to unspoken thoughts and fears that are often overlooked in daily life. 

Intersectional Feminism

I believe that identity development requires an integration of the mind, body, and soul, bound by the impacts of culture, privilege, oppression, and power. I strive to better understand how the systems we live in impact individuals, communities and mental health through an anti-racist lens. 

Sex Therapy
I am a kink and poly affirming queer cis-female. As a sex therapist I help clients learn to identify and name their needs and desires. I work with clients and couples in exploring sexual health concerns, desire discrepancies, boundary setting and clear, open, honest communication.

A note on trust

Therapy is a place of vulnerability, growth and change. Often clients share thoughts and behaviors they have never shared with another human being.
This is only possible with trust. Trust can take time. We will move at your pace, You have the right to pass or "dig into" any topic. This is your journey. There is no judgment and no pressure to be anything but yourself.

Every aspect of you is welcome in our sessions.

Land Acknowledgment

I recognize that I live and practice my profession on the indigenous land stolen from the Duwamish tribe, and that they continue to be refused federal recognition - leaving all members since the 1850's without repayment for their land to date. I am committed to being an ally by voting and tangible involvement in my neighborhood and city.